Being published - some shameless self-aggrandizing

What do you know, folks? I've finally been published!

Well, yeah. It's not as exciting as all that, but my fine friends over at Swedish publishing house Deckarhyllan have finally published "De försvunna fotspåren", a translation of Carter Dickson's "The White Priory Murders", which is a collaborative translation between me and Håkan Andersson, one of the two men behind Deckarhyllan.

The lovely naivistic cover of "The White Priory Murders"
Even more excitingly, the book also contains a translation of "Death in the Dressing-Room", one of Dickson's stories featuring Colonel March, which was translated solely by yours truly. The volume also contains an informative introduction by Swedish mystery aficionado Per Olaisen.

If you've a smattering of Swedish, do head over to Deckarhyllan's web site and have a look and why not order a copy? *wink wink* If you don't, then at least there's a pithy page in English.


  1. Congrats on getting your translation published! I hope you can drag some of your fellow Swedes away from those abysmal, soul-destroying Scandinavian crime novels.

    1. Thanks, but this is just a small time publishing exercise and will probably have as much effect on the Swedish mystery market as a butterfly flapping would have in a hurricane.