Minor Felonies on The Invisible Event

Things have been quiet here lately, but I'm happy to announce that over on the blog The Invisible Event, blogger extraordinaire J.J.and me have a discussion on the young adult mystery novel, "Jolly Foul Play" by Robin Stevens. If you haven't already seen this post, please head over there now and read our thoughts - they should be of interest even if you are not a reader of young adult mysteries. Click here to get to the blog post in question.

As I said, things have been quiet here for some time, because I've been quite busy in my life away from mysteries - so busy that I've had no time for writing up reviews of new short story collections that I've read; in fact so busy that I've read fewer such collections than I'd like!

Anyway, I hope that I'll have more time on my hands as the new year rolls along, because I do have a couple of collections and anthologies that I'd like to discuss here. Fingers crossed that those distractions, called Real Life, will have less of an impact in the coming weeks and months!